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Honeycrisp Cider & Cinnamon—14oz Candle | Brass Brilliance Bowl

Honeycrisp Cider & Cinnamon—14oz Candle | Brass Brilliance Bowl

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Dive into the heart of autumn with our enchanting Honeycrisp Apple and Cinnamon scented candle. Immerse yourself in the comforting fragrance of luscious Honeycrisp apples, intertwined with the alluring notes of ground cinnamon sugar, a touch of nutmeg, and creamy vanilla bean, all baked to a golden perfection.

Fragrance Symphony:
  • Top Notes: A lively burst of Red Apple and Pear
  • Heart Notes: Warm and inviting Pumpkin Spice, Clove, and the essence of Pie Crust
  • Base Notes: Deep, velvety Brown Sugar and Vanilla Bean
Artistry Beyond Aroma:
Our dedication to excellence extends far beyond the fragrance. These solid brass bowls are not mere containers; they are masterfully hand-drummed pieces of art, destined to be cherished long after your candle has shared its inviting glow. Picture them as captivating showcases for decorative ornaments, potpourri, or cherished keepsakes, adding a touch of elegance to any space.

A Symphony of the Senses:
As you ignite this candle, the soothing crackle of its wooden wick transforms your surroundings into a symphony of comfort. It's more than just a scent; it's an immersive experience that envelops you in warmth and brilliance.

Pure Enjoyment, Worry-Free:
Our candles are crafted with care and responsibility. They are non-toxic, phthalate-free, and entirely free of Prop 65 ingredients. Enjoy the welcoming embrace of this soy candle with peace of mind, knowing you're indulging in a safe, toxin-free luxury.

Ignite the Essence of Autumn:
Elevate your space and ignite the spirit of autumn with our Honeycrisp & Cinnamon scented candle—a sensory journey that captivates, inspires, and elevates your surroundings.

Illuminate your world with the essence of fall today.
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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Candle with a Light Refreshing Fragrance

I love this candle, I bought it for my mom as a Christmas gift. It arrived in a timely manner and was beautifully packaged. When I opened the box the scent was crisp like a fresh apple with honey and cinnamon undertones. It smells so good that I really considered keeping it, however I'll most likely order another one for myself instead. This candle is a beautiful gift or a self-care treat for anyone!