This is BIG: The Power of Small Changes

This is BIG: The Power of Small Changes

Ever felt overwhelmed by the idea of making a big change in your life? I've been there too. But recently, while scrolling through TikTok (I know, I know), I stumbled upon a powerful message that reminded me of the beauty of starting small.

The message resonated deeply with me because it reflected my own experiences with successful transformations that began with small, subtle shifts. 

nd here's the key—because they were so subtle, I didn't sabotage them.

Take, for instance, my journey into vegetarianism over four years ago. Instead of making a grand declaration, I simply challenged myself to choose vegetarian options when dining out. It was a small, almost unnoticeable change at first. It started as a minor adjustment to my lunchtime routine but gradually evolved into a lifestyle change.

I've experienced similar successes with other life changes. Each time, the key was to take a small step without overthinking or imposing rigid restrictions. These seemingly insignificant actions often laid the foundation for significant shifts in mindset or behavior.

So, here's your challenge for the week:
I invite you to join me in embracing the power of small changes this week. What small step can you take that might lead to something bigger? Don't overthink it or put pressure on yourself. Just take that first tiny step and see where it leads you.

Remember, big change often starts with the smallest of choices.

Sending you positive vibes,

xoxo Tracy

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