The Most Important Question You'll Ever Ask

The Most Important Question You'll Ever Ask

Albert Einstein once posed a profound question: "Is the universe a friendly place?"

He believed this was one of the most important questions we could ask ourselves. According to Einstein, how we answer this question shapes not only our perception of the world but also our actions and interactions within it.

Einstein elaborated that if we decide the universe is unfriendly, we might build walls and weapons to protect ourselves, leading to isolation and potential destruction. If we see the universe as neutral and random, we may feel like victims of fate without purpose. But if we choose to see the universe as friendly, we will use our resources and knowledge to foster understanding, creating tools and models to enhance our lives and relationships.

While there is some debate about whether Einstein actually said these exact words, the essence of the quote remains powerful and thought-provoking. It emphasizes how our mindset influences our reality.

Here’s my story:
The other day, I found myself spiraling down, overthinking the state of the world today. The 'what ifs' of how everything could play out started to overwhelm me, and I was getting worked up. Luckily, I became conscious of what I was doing and paused that line of thinking. I told myself, "None of that is going to be my reality. That's not the world I choose to be in." I stopped those thoughts and shut down the scary rollercoaster ride I was on.

There's plenty of evidence that this world can be overwhelmingly beautiful and also dark. Which do you choose to focus on and attract into your reality? I know which one I'm choosing.

This Week's Challenge:
Experiment with your perception of the universe. Spend one day viewing the universe as friendly and the next as hostile. Reflect on the evidence you gather for both perspectives. Notice how your experiences and mood change based on your outlook.

Now, I would love to hear from you. How do you see the universe? Please let me know. Email me at Let's explore this question together and see what we discover.

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