Your Weekly Escape: Unwrap the Gift of Music

Your Weekly Escape: Unwrap the Gift of Music

Let's talk about one of my all-time favorite "beautiful fixes"—music. It's incredible how a few notes, a melody, and some lyrics can whisk you away to a whole other world, stirring up a storm of emotions and memories. It's like a time machine for your soul, capable of making you feel everything from nostalgia to pure joy to those beautiful pangs of melancholy.

Discovering Eva
One artist who's always held a special place in my heart is Eva Cassidy. Now, I bet some of you might not have heard of her because, tragically, she left us way too soon at just 33 years old, taken by cancer. I first encountered her beautiful music outside a record shop (yes, I'm showing my age here), and I was completely drawn in. You know that feeling when you just have to know who's responsible for such soul-stirring tunes?

Well, when I strolled into that record shop to inquire about the music I was hearing, it turned out to be Diana Krall, one of my all-time favorites. As fate would have it, they also recommended I dive into the world of Eva Cassidy. I didn't hesitate to grab their CDs right then and there, and they've been on constant repeat in my life ever since.

Spoiler Alert: I've included a video of her singing my favorite song by her at the bottom of this post for you to enjoy.

This week's challenge
I'd love to inspire you to take a journey through your own musical history. Reconnect with some of your all-time favorite artists and songs. This holiday season is a golden opportunity to revisit those tracks that have imprinted their magic on your heart. Whether it's a timeless holiday classic, a soulful ballad, or a track that always gets your feet tapping, music has the power to transport you to the most beautiful moments in your life.

So, pick your favorite artists and songs and let the music carry you away to beautiful moments. It's your time machine to relive the past, savor the present, and dream of the future.

Introducing Eva
And speaking of beautiful music, I've got a gift for you. I'd like to introduce you to one of my all-time favorite Eva Cassidy songs, "Autumn Leaves." It's the perfect soundscape for the fall season. Find yourself a cozy corner, your most comfortable chair, and give yourself the simple pleasure of her voice. Enjoy the video below. Listen to how she effortlessly uses her breath to weave musical magic, making you feel the deep yearning within her. It's the epitome of simple, yet heartachingly beautiful music.

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