Flirt with Yourself: A Valentine's Curveball

Flirt with Yourself: A Valentine's Curveball

This year, I'm throwing a curveball. How about making yourself the star of the show? Yes, you heard it right. It's time to be your own Valentine, to dive into the enchanting world of self-love.

Now, I'll let you in on a little secret—Valentine's Day and I have always had a bit of a complicated relationship. The whole idea of forced affection, conforming to traditional norms, it never quite resonated with me. While receiving cards and flowers is heartwarming, I've always cherished the spontaneity of a thoughtful gesture or kind word on any given day.

As the Valentine season approaches, I invite you to join me in celebrating differently. 

Fall in love with yourself all over again—or maybe for the first time.

Embracing Self-Love Beyond Unease
Ever felt a bit uneasy locking eyes with yourself in the mirror? I'm extremely guilty of it. There's some intriguing science behind it. Research points out that many of us struggle with self-love, using words towards ourselves that we'd never use on someone else. But here's the real deal: authentic self-love isn't about arrogance; it's about genuinely appreciating and embracing yourself, treating yourself with kindness.

The Mirror Challenge—Flirt Shamelessly
I get it. Maintaining eye contact with yourself for an extended period might feel awkward. But here's the twist—flirt with the incredible person in the mirror. Connect through your gaze, flash a smile, and say those magical words, "I love you." It's a small act with profound effects. The more you do it, the easier it becomes, fostering a deep connection with the person in the mirror.

Best-selling author Mel Robbins suggests a mirror high five in her book High Five. It's more than just a gesture; it's telling yourself that you've got your own back. Let's take a cue from Mel and embrace this simple move to reinforce self-support.

This Valentine's, let's flip the script. Be your own Valentine. Embrace self-care, shower yourself with love, and flirt shamelessly with the incredible person in the mirror. She's beautiful, and so are you. Spoil her not only on Valentine's but every single day.

Remember, the most vital love story in your life is the one you share with yourself.

Wishing you an abundance of self-love,

Tracy xoxo

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