Find Your Fire: What Makes You Feel Truly Alive?

Find Your Fire: What Makes You Feel Truly Alive?

When was the last time you felt alive?

No, I mean really, really alive. Maybe it was on a roller coaster, regretting your decision as you plummeted from its peak. Or maybe it was holding a newborn, marveling at its perfection. Perhaps it was belly laughing at your favorite comedian’s latest bit.

Pause for a second and try to remember. Maybe something immediately comes to mind. Or maybe you’re realizing you’re not quite sure now that you think about it.

If we’re not careful, we can find ourselves in zombie mode, stumbling unconsciously through our day, week, or even year without checking in to make sure we’re prioritizing the things that make us come alive.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” —Howard Thurman 

This powerful reminder encourages us to pursue passions and activities that genuinely excite and fulfill us. Thurman, a theologian, philosopher, and civil rights leader, understood that individuals who are truly passionate and engaged tend to have a positive and inspiring impact on others.

So, here’s the challenge for this week:
Take some time to search for the answer to this question—what makes you come alive? Once you find it, go do it! Prioritize it. Make it a part of your daily or weekly routine. Whether it’s a hobby, an activity, or spending time with certain people, find that spark and let it ignite your life.

Let’s break free from zombie mode and start living with passion and purpose. The world needs more people who have come alive!

Go ahead, make this week remarkable,
xoxo Tracy

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