Buzzing: Your New Goal for Radiant Energy

Buzzing: Your New Goal for Radiant Energy

I've set myself a new goal: to 'buzz'.

Not in the 'I've had too much coffee' kind of way, but more like radiating amazing vibes that people can't help but notice. When someone tells me, 'I love your energy,' I'll know I've accomplished my goal.

Last week, I attended a workshop hosted by Cathy Heller. She has beautiful energy! If you haven't heard of her, she's this incredible podcast host and entrepreneur who's all about helping people live their best lives. You'll definitely be hearing me talk about her more in the future!

One thing that really stuck with me from Cathy's workshop is this idea of 'buzzing' with great energy. She told this amazing story about how she ended up sitting next to THE Michael Jordan on a plane. How? She started her day with some meditation and yoga, and carried that 'at peace' mindset throughout her less than ideal New York airport experience full of canceled flights and attracted all sorts of cool things her way. Like, getting the last seat on a flight that ended up being in first class with MJ as her seat buddy. So when Michael paid her a compliment that she had great energy, she wasn’t surprised. Why? Because she knew she was buzzing.  

So, how do you get your 'buzz' on?
It's all about tapping into that high-vibrational energy that attracts good things into your life. Did you know that everything around us, from the chair you're sitting on to the device you're reading this on, is made up of vibrating energy? But when we tune into positive vibes, we become magnets for awesome opportunities and experiences.

Your challenge
This week, I'm challenging you to tap into that buzzing energy within yourself. Forget about protecting your energy; how about 'projecting' your energy! Project out what you want to see in the world and what you want to receive in return.  

And remember, the universe doesn't give us what we want; it gives us what we ARE. So, let's make sure we're buzzing with the kind of energy that attracts all the good stuff.

Xoxo Tracy

P.S. Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms out there! Remember to put yourselves first today, heck, the whole week! You deserve all the love and appreciation in the world. Visit to treat yourself!

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